DON’T USE A “MIDDLE MAN” For Catering, Parties, Special Events and The Ice Cream Truck

Why you should not use a “middle man” when looking for an ice cream truck company to cater your special event.

Any “middle man” wants to get paid.  And guess who pays?  The customers.  It is as simple as that.

Ice cream truck catering, special events, parties and more
Cut out the expense of the middle man

There are companies out there that do nothing more than bring buyer and seller together.  Don’t pay them to do for you something that you can do yourself with a few clicks of the mouse.

With The Ice Cream Wagon, you deal directly with the company therefore ensuring the lowest possible prices.  Contact us today to find out about having an ice cream truck at your special event.

Parties, Catering, Special Events With an Ice Cream Truck.

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